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Start on the discovery of historical monuments (Pont de Mirabeau, museums…) and religious buildings  (churches, chaples) of Luberon Côté Sud. Each of them tells us about local history and provokes the admiration of lovers of our beautiful heritage.

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Luberon Côté Sud invites you top celebrate its culture, with visits which will delight historical buffs as well as lovers of all kinds of discoveries. From Middle‐Ages to flamboyant Renaissance, from ancient times wine growers’ memories to modern art collections, Luberon Côté Sud is a total historical digest.

Never sparing with advice to help you discover her area, Françoise Genoulaz, our local guide and lecturer offer personalized visits, away from common paths, spiced with with humor and anecdotes. Hide the textc
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  • Chapelle Saint Eucher
    Nestled in the side of a cliff overlooking the Durance, it is accessible by a difficult to spot at the foot of the steep rock that runs along the National Highway 96 Alpine short trail. Saint...
  • Chapelle Saint-Julien
    The chapel was built from 1620 to 1656. Construction lasted 30 or 40 years. This hermitage was lived a hundred years, until the French Revolution. The disused chapel and hermitage deserted gradually...
  • Eglise Saint Marc
    This church was built between 1118 and 1123 reflects the history of Villelaure. As the village, she was sacked, destroyed, rebuilt and renovated and embellished abandoned. Today it is a building with...
  • En 1004, l’abbaye de Psalmody reçut le territoire de «Vallis Amata » pour y fonder un monastère. Un petit établissement fut créé au XIème siècle, dédié au Saint Sauveur.
    Quand le village fut construit, un ou deux siècles plus tard la chapelle a dût être élevée au rang de paroisse sous le nom de Saint Pierre et agrandie. Elle fut à nouveau remaniée au XVIème elle...
  • Eglise paroissiale Saint Martin
    This religious building was built between 1626 and 1629 in the hamlet of Clastres to replace the old ruined church. Its small size and remoteness of the village explained by the small number of...
  • Eglise Saint Jean
    The Catholic Church, under the patronage of Saint John, dates from the seventeenth century, in fact, on the lintel of one of its doors was engraved the date 1618. It was enlarged and restored in the...
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