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"Unpredictable river..."

The Durance (in Occitan: Durença according to the classic norm, or in Provençal: Durènço according to the norm mistralienne) is a river of the South-East of France throwing itself in the Rhone, of which it is the second tributary after the Saône for the length and the third after the Saone and the Isere for the flow.

With a total length of 323.8 kilometers, the Durance is the largest river in Provence.

The so-called "capricious" river, once dreaded for its floods, has been subjected to a continuous effort of development, especially since the 19th century, for hydraulic purposes (drinking water supply from Marseilles and surrounding cities) and hydroelectric with the Verdon, 6 to 7 billion kWh produced per year).

Nicknamed the "3rd scourge of Provence" while it has many virtues. "Lou mistrau, lou parlamen to the Durenço soun lei trei fleu de Prouvènço" (The Mistral, the Parliament and the Durance are the three plagues of Provence). For a very long time, the Durance was the least controllable of the rivers of France with impressive floods and spectacular lows.


The Mirabeau (bridge). Just before the clue, the valley narrows for a few kilometers. There is a sumptuous cut in Jurassic limestone, and the Durance is preparing to leave the north-south axis to turn west.

Opening period

All year round.


Free access.

surroundings :
Mountain view, Village 2 km away, Overview on river,

Geographic perimeter :
Mirabeau, Cadenet, Pertuis,

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