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Le village - 84360 Lauris
Historic site and monument Historic patrimony   Town / Village 

Lauris, a priceless gem Like other villages, Lauris moved between hills and plain, but his personality and its own assets.

From the plain, we see as the prow of a ship: the cliff of the castle overlooking the Durance lands, as an invitation to travel in time and space: to discover the old town steeped in history, busy streets, shops, roads, hills, trails Luberon The "discovery": a word to define Lauris which offers light and sweetness of life in Provence, with the pleasure of going to the meet people, vistas, scents, hidden or unusual places: stroll, admire, wonder, see the thousand facets of this village with a recognized quality home.

We never finished discovering Lauris, its history, traces of the past, the testimonies of those who live and animate, but also the silence of the garrigue, shadow alleys, cool fountains. With the Garden of dye plants, music festivals and other events, sports facilities, it is also a living village, welcoming, rich of its inhabitants as well as its advantages sometimes spectacular, sometimes secret. Backgrounds, reflecting vestiges of past centuries, there an oratory, a lintel here, again a trace of wall, then a meeting here last flowers in profusion. The journey began, never the same, always in the light.

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