The Regional Natural Park of Luberon – Project, territory, map.

The park of Luberon is magnificent. Its heritage, its landscapes, its villages, around the mountain of Luberon, its nature activities, the wine and its residents…

The project of a Regional Natural park is:

- another relation about the environment.

- another quality of life.

- another human dynamic from today and for tomorrow.

A double vocation

The Regional Natural Park has for vocation to protect and valorize the natural, cultural and human heritage of its territory by implementing an innovative environment-friendly economic, social and cultural politic of arrangement and development.

A territory of project

A regional natural park is ruled in a particular way: a project of sustainable development, the charter, defines the main orientations that the local authorities (villages, departments, region) commit themselves to implement:

- the charter has not simply a moral commitment value. It is a reference framework for all the procedures of planning implemented by the actors of the territory (town planning, rivers planning, tourist planning, agricultural and forest zoning…).

- the charter is approved by the State that grants the classification as “Regional Natural Park”.

- the organism charged to coordinate the implementing of the charter is the “syndicat mixte de gestion” that groups the collectivities which approved the charter.

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